Young hearts - Play ball

Young hearts are like baseball gloves. They’re stiff and have a hard time catching everything that is thrown at them. But, over time, with use and conditioning the heart loosens-up and before you know it love smacks a line-drive at you that you sang out of mid air without even knowing how you did it.

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In the new version of Paper released last week, you mix colors with your fingers, like it’s paint—only somehow more beautiful. This one magical feature burned a year of development time, resurrected the work of two dead German scientists, and got Apple’s attention.

Whenever a customer asks for “the best apps out there” we tell them that with a brvsh and paper you can instantly add +10 creative points to your day.

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There is something so strange and beautiful about this video.

'Creating the Spectacle!' -Part 1 - Finding Freedom. Full HD (by Freewheeling4)

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This girl is amazing. “Back porch blues meets hip-hop” Awesome! ZZ Ward - Put The Gun Down (Kick Kick Snare Acoustic Session) (by KickKickSnareTV)

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Creative minds with un-bending determinations. Very cool story.

(via This $9 Cardboard Bike Can Support Riders Up To 485lbs | Co.Design: business innovation design)

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Letter Chocolate by Typolade

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(via Mars rover: Curiosity’s landing, as told through Twitter - Awesome! 

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So cool!

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@materious is a good creative company but seems to lay claim to things that have been around for a while. The Cubby is by no means new and to state that they’ll be using their @kickstarter money to defend their legal rights to it is a huge turn-off. I’ve been using a large PVC elbow joint as a coat/hat/cubby for years now. I saw it one some italian sites, they said the got the idea from the grand parents. Just doesn’t seem like the spirit of to me. (via projects | index)

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Gaetano Belverde Italian Photographer: Portrait & Reportage Photography

The world is full of great photographers. Gaetano is certainly one of them. Great ideas #photog

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Earth | Time Lapse View from Space, Fly Over | NASA, ISS (by Michael König)

So cool to see our planent this way. 

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